Insurance Claims

  1. 24 Karat Jewellery acquires claim through email / fax or telephone.
  2. An associate jeweller or 24 Karat Jewellery will contact the insured if additional information is required (by appointment if necessary).
  3. 24 Karat Jewellery will review quote from associate jeweller or the insured’s local jeweller to confirm information is correct eg: 4 “C’’s of a diamond – carat, cut, clarity, colour and the weights of gold items, etc.
  4. 24 Karat will fax or email quote to the adjuster with cost of replacement and comments advising if items could be replaced (within 48 hours of the appointment).
  5. Upon adjuster’s approval, 24 Karat Jewellery will complete replacement of the claim and invoice accordingly.
  6. If the insured is cashing out, 24 Karat Jewellery will fax / email the fee to the adjuster / adjusting firm.

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